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Information & Facts!

Closed-circuit television, usually referred to as CCTV, is a number of video cameras used to transmit a signal to a particular place on a specific set of monitors. The difference between CCTV and broadcast television is that in the case of CCTV the signal isn’t openly transmitted. However, it may use P2P or mesh wireless links.

Despite the fact that almost any video camera can fit this definition, the term “CCTV” is usually applied to the cameras used for surveillance in areas that need attention – for example, banks, airports, casinos or convenience stores. While video telephony isn’t often called so, the video used for distance education is usually called CCTV. CCTV equipment is widely used in industrial plants, providing the opportunity to observe parts of a process from a central control room.

This is especially convenient when the environment isn’t suitable for humans. Such systems may work continuously or at certain periods of time – to monitor a particular event, for instance. Meanwhile, there is a more advanced form of CCTV, which uses Digital Video Recorders (DVR's). It allows recording for many years, offering many quality and performance options and additional features, including motion detection and email alerts. Now decentralized IP-based CCTV cameras with megapixel sensors allow recording directly to either network-attached storage devices or internal flash, which means that they can operate in a stand-alone mode.

Surveillance of the public with the help of CCTV is common in many areas throughout the globe. The leader is the United Kingdom: according to the reports, there are more cameras per person in the UK than in any other country. However, the increasing use of CCTV has led to a debate about security versus privacy.

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How Can We Help ?

CCTV systems can add an extra layer of security to any business or building, safe guarding the machinery, data and people inside. CCTV has many uses for

* Schools.
* Shops.
* Taxi's
* Buses.
* Company Vehicles.
* Businesses.
* Charities.
* Shared Accomidation.
* Homes.

We can help with supplying & fitting hardware in the following areas:

* DVR Boxes.
* CCTV Servers.
* IP Cameras.
* CCTV & DVR Cables & Adapters.
* Dome Cameras Internal/External.
* Day & Night Camera.
* Spy Cameras.
* Micro Cameras.
* TFT Screens.
* Wall Brackets.
* Broadband Lines.
* Remote Viewing Iphone, Samsung & Windows Phones.
* Accessories.
* Car & Taxi, Bus CCTV.

Why fit a CCTV system:

* Deter Criminals.
* Monitor Staff.
* Track registration plates.
* Staff Safety.
* Protect agains theift.
* Recorded theives in the event of a break in.
* Car Park Monitoring & Visitor Tracking.
* Reduce insurance premiums.
* Track staff and customers against sales through tills.

IT To Go can advise on the most suitable CCTV cameras and systems for your property and guide you through installation, maintenance and use. To discuss the range of CCTV systems you could benefit from, please contact us.

Costs !

Packages vary and prices depend on variations like how many cameras, how many people need to watch the cameras, quality of cameras, etc. So give us a call for FREE impartial advice and a no obligation estimate.

If the service required is not listed above then please get in touch with IT To Go – Computer Services on 01302 352352, as we are a Yorkshire based business we can travel to Residential clients, Schools, Local LEA & Businesses.

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