Upgrade is a term used to describe adding new hardware or software to a computer or device that improves its performance or functionality. Why should I upgrade?

  • Performance increase, which make the overall computer run faster and more smoothly.
  • Capacity increase, for larger Hard Drive space.
  • It may be necessary to upgrade your computer/laptop to meet a program or games system requirements.
PC/Computer Upgrades
PC/Computer Upgrades

When referring to a software upgrade, a software upgrade generally refers to any major upgrade to the software that adds significant changes to the program. For example, you may be running version 1.0.1 of a program, version 2.0.0 is an upgrade, and version 1.0.2 is an update. Another good example of a software upgrade is upgrading you version of Windows. For example, if you had Microsoft Windows XP and were upgrade to Windows 7, it would be considered a software upgrade.

Benefits of software upgrade?

  • New features not available or found in previous versions.
  • Often, the new version of a program has better stability and increased performance.
  • After period of time an older software program will be discontinued and often no longer supported.

How Can We Help ?

We can help upgrade the following:

  • RAM.
  • Motherboard.
  • Case & Cooling.
  • SSD.
  • Processor.
  • Hard Drive.
  • Larger Screen.
  • Printer.
  • Windows Operating Systems.
  • Better Case.
  • Additional Case Fans.
  • Other Software.

Still need help or want to order!

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