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EPOS Stands for Electronic Point Of Sale. This is an electronic till system
A basic electronic cash register will meet the needs of many small businesses with small product lines and low turnover. However, few purchases can have as dramatic an effect on your business as a carefully selected Point Of Sale system.

We can provide tills for the following sectors:

Book Shop EPOS Doncaster
Butchers EPOS Doncaster
Coffee Shop EPOS Doncaster
Van Rental EPOS Doncaster
Computer Shop EPOS Doncaster
Corner Shop EPOS Doncaster
Dry Cleaners EPOS Doncaster
Fish Mongers EPOS Doncaster
Florist EPOS Doncaster
Furniture Shop EPOS Doncaster
Car Garage EPOS Doncaster
Hardware DIY Shop EPOS Doncaster
Gift Shop EPOS Doncaster
Equestrian Shop EPOS Doncaster
Hotel EPOS Doncaster
Jewellery Shop EPOS Doncaster
Night Club EPOS Doncaster
Bar EPOS Doncaster
Pet Shop EPOS Doncaster
Shoe Shop EPOS Doncaster
Print Shop EPOS Doncaster
Soft Play EPOS Doncaster
Sports Store EPOS Doncaster
Farm Shop EPOS Doncaster
Spa Centre EPOS Doncaster
Hairdressers EPOS Doncaster

An EPOS system chosen to suit your business needs will offer a new dimension and level of control over day to day operations, allowing you to react quickly to competitors and changes in customers buying habits. It will bring a host of business benefits, boosting profitability, controlling costs, increasing efficiency, and helping you fine tune your business model and processes.
Point Of Sale systems can be broken down into three broad categories:

Cash Registers

Apart from the most basic cash registers, most modern cash registers are now network ready and allow you to connect the cash registers together so data and customer bills can be moved or shared between machines. They also support devices like barcode scanners or printers and you can even link them to a PC/Server based back office software package.

EPOS Tills

These highly sophisticated EPOS terminals are well suited to high volume operations where speed of service is essential, like bars, nightclubs, stadiums, general retail, quick service restaurants, pubs etc. Designed to be networked together on standard PC-based networks they are available with either an operator keyboard or a touch screen, where items are sold by pressing buttons displayed on the screen.

These EPOS terminals offer greater functionality than cash registers plus more system integration options such as CCTV cameras, hotel room billing packages, loyalty software, kitchen order printers, cash less smart card devices and hand held order terminals.

Embedded EPOS systems do not have a PC engine inside them, they do not require an operating system or hard disk drive (HDD) and there is usually no cooling fan, so with no moving parts they are ultra-reliable and resilient.

Embedded EPOS systems are often selected for their robustness, they are less susceptible to overheating problems, data corruption, computer viruses or hacking and usually they aren’t reliant on a central server so down-time is minimal. They also have the added attraction of being energy efficient and they start up in just a few seconds rather than a few minutes. Embedded EPOS systems can be turned off mid transaction without losing any transaction information or corrupting any sales data.

PC POS Systems

Systems like this may be installed on their own, but are typically networked together and often supported by back office software. Additional packages can offer stock control, ordering, reporting, daily & weekly cash sheets, product maintenance, price management and give you full control over your POS terminals.

PC-POS terminals traditionally consisted of a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse, however many modern PC-POS systems now embrace touch screen technology and are manufactured as an all-in-one unit, they are specially designed for Point of Sale (POS) use increasing speed of operation, robustness and ease of use.

They offer modern designs and also allow them to be wall or pole mounted along with a receipt printer and other devices such as a barcode scanner, credit card terminal or customer advertising screen freeing up valuable counter or bar space.
In addition to choosing your PC-POS hardware you also need an additional software package, along with a cash drawer, receipt printer, order printer, scanner etc.

How Can We Help?

When deciding if you need a Cash Register, EPOS System or PC-POS system it’s worth spending a little time understanding your business requirements to make sure you select a system that's right for you and that helps you build your business.

In the long term a good POS system can save you money, increase productivity and save you time that can be spent driving your business forward. No matter how small a business is, an EPOS system is rarely unnecessary as it will bring in business benefits, these may be simply better reports, faster transaction times or better stock management.

We cacn supply many EPOS items:

Epos Software
Recipt Printers
Barcode Scanners
Touch Screens
Cash Drawers
EPOS Cables
POS Digital Displays
Till Rolls
EPOS Micro Computers
Customer Poll Displays

However, your EPOS system won’t run all by itself, so the big question is how soon you can make it pay for itself. Here are a few of the benefits a EPOS can bring and how it can help you.

* Increase transaction speed and quality of service
* Faster transactions can be achieved by using a touch screen POS terminals which are faster to operate, in retail adding a barcode scanner will make the checkout faster too.
*Easy to use touch screen EPOS allows products to be found quicker, operators can be lead through a transaction and training times are often reduced.
*Quick stock searches and level checks prevent customers from waiting around.
* Hand held order terminals can be used in restaurant and quick service operations to boost productivity and up-sell extra items. “Fancy a glass of port with that cheese?”
* Accurate billing - If an item is ordered it’s in the POS system so you won’t miss that bottle of wine or cup of coffee off the bill again.
* More efficient transactions - customers will get served quicker and kitchens will have more time to prepare orders.

Improve business efficiency and productivity

* Take control - Back of house tools will put you firmly in control of your POS terminals, allowing quick and timely changes to products, retail prices and menu’s.
*Retailers can run targeted promotions such as happy hours, multi-buys or mix ‘n’ match offers like buy two get one for free, and maintain different price files for different outlets, days of the week, times of the day or special events.
*Faster order processing for restaurants and quick service operations are quickly achieved and more accurate by introducing kitchen order printers or kitchen display systems.
* Better staff productivity - Orders are automatically relayed to a kitchen or warehouse directly from the POS terminal or wireless order pad, leaving staff with more time to interact with customers.
* Manager alerts – Managers can be alerted or paged directly from the POS system to get more staff to the checkout, re-stock the bar or attend to customers. See EPOS Alert
* Reduced Paperwork - Use your POS system to reduce paperwork and save time doing stock takes or reporting.
* Hand held stocktaking - Retail and Hospitality operations may consider hand held stocktaking devices to speed up stocktaking and delivery procedures or introduce quick line checks.
Reduce fraud and shrinkage
* Shrinkage is the general term applied to the inventory that goes missing from your store or is unaccounted for in your restaurant. It may be simply unreported wastage or theft, and employee misuse or sweet-hearting where a member of staff provides free drinks to friends.
* Staff ID buttons (Dallas key or i-button) help reduce shrinkage, by using these on your POS system you record all transactions operators, allowing you to report on individual staff members.
* Visibility - Make staff aware that stock levels are being carefully monitored by the POS system and stick up performance charts in the staff room, shrinkage will miraculously dwindle.
* Line checks – quick and random line checks are often more effective than regular stuck takes.
* CCTV integration allows transaction data to be overlaid on top of CCTV footage to obtain a clear picture of what’s happening at the point of sale.
* Search CCTV footage by transaction events such as corrections, voids, no-sales or abnormal sales values. Many systems now allow you remote access to the CCTV.
Better cash control
* Know your position At any time during the day, a POS system can instantly report on how much money you should have in your cash drawer or how many of a particular product you have sold today.
* Manager only functions for voids or refunds prevent staff misuse
* End of day cash declarations on your POS system can force staff to declare cash counts before they know what should be in the cash drawer, making variances easier to trace.
* Cash Lifts – Set warning levels to alert you when to make a cash lift
Improve stock management
* Minimize stock variances with regular weekly and monthly stock checks
* Reduce working capital and interest by optimizing stock holding
* Faster stock taking can be achieved by using hand held stocktaking devices
* Stock Alerts - Automatic stock re-ordering triggers can compile and suggest orders when stocks are running low.
* Stock analysis - Detailed reports make it much easier to keep the right stock on hand. Many owners who think they know exactly what trends affect them find a few surprises once they have this data from their EPOS system.
* Identify slow stock items, spot sales trends, and use historical data to better forecast your needs.
Build intelligence to grow profits
* Fast and accurate reports from your POS system to support business decisions and drive business forwards.
* Better margins - Detailed sales mix reports help you focus on higher-margin items. Re-locating products within a retail store or promoting under-performing dishes in a restaurant can help you boost sales of high-profit items.
* Monitor promotions and discounts to make sure you’re not just giving profits away.
* Manage staff hours to maximize profits. Rota’s, clock in/out and labour schedules help control • one of your key costs.
* Compare performance against other stores, days, weeks months and years to build a picture on how your business is performing.

Improve customer loyalty and retention

* Build a list of your customers - collect their contact details and get to know them better.
* Targeted advertising – offer incentives to your customers so they return on a regular basis. Consider adding discount cards to your POS system or loyalty cards, gift cards and vouchers.
* CRM – Customer relationship management tools can be used to communicate with your customers allowing letter, SMS texts and emails to be sent out.
* Point of purchase advertising can be used to draw attention to items you wish to promote or special upcoming events you may even be able to generate revenue from 3rd party advertising.

Costs !

Packages vary and prices depend on variations like how many till points, how many people need to watch the tills, types of screens. So give us a call for FREE impartial advice and a no obligation estimate.

If the service required is not listed above then please get in touch with IT To Go – Computer Services on 01302 352352, as we are a Yorkshire based business we can travel to Residential clients, Schools, Local LEA & Businesses.

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