We are waiting to help you today use our live chat feature please follow the steps below:

PLEASE NOTE: Live chat is only available in opening hours.

1. look for the live chat button in the lower-left corner and then click it.
2. Look for the Enter your message box and click.
3. Now type your message and wait for a response.
4. Just like a text message you can reply to our message, as we respond.
5. When finished please click the X in the top right corner of the chat, this will now end your conversation.

If we have not replied within 5 minutes we may be busy with other clients so please feel free to try and contact us by another method by clicking here.

What is live chat?

To explain what live chat is, let’s imagine this situation.

A potential customer opens your website and browses through your products looking for a new laptop. They find a perfect HP laptop, but it turns out it’s out of stock. The customer would love to have this particular model and would like to know when it’s back in stock.

If you don’t have live chat installed on your website, the customer will do one of both: they will start looking for your contact info (to call or email you), or they will look for another store that has this laptop in stock.

But, if you do have live chat on your website, all the customer has to do is to click on a live chat window and ask a question. It’s like chatting on Facebook or any other social media channel: you write a message and receive a response in real-time.

For your website visitor, it means that there are no calling costs and they don’t have to wait for hours for your response. It works exactly the same way as social media channels: they just need to start writing in a messenger window.

Live chat is also super easy to install. If you want to use live chat to support your website visitors, all you need is the Internet and 3 minutes of your free time.

Want to know more about what live chat is?