Please click the links below for our FREE software downloads:

1. Speech To Text

VPN: TunnelBear

3. VLC PLayer

4. 7 Zip

5. eM Client

6. Speccy (Find the specification of your PC)

7. Opera (Browser with VPN built in)

8. ShutUp10 (Pick the windows features you require)

9. Virtual Box

10. Adobe Reader (PDF reader)

11. Gimp (Photo editor)

12. Polarr (Photo editor)

13. Bullzip (Print to PDF file)

14. MusicBee (FREE music player)

15. Last Pass

16. Ninite

17. Spotify

18. Microsoft To-Do (To-do list)

19. Fortnite

20. Power Toys

New software is been added all the time so please check back here soon!