Nominet Accredited Partner


We are extremely excited to announce to you all that we’ve been awarded Nominet’s top-flight certification of Accredited Channel Partner status in the UK.

Our new Accredited Channel Partner status involved meeting Nominet’s most stringent requirements, around both our technical management and customer service capability.

Nominet want to create a world which is more connected, inclusive and secure. For 25 years they have been operating at the heart of the internet infrastructure as proud guardians of the .UK domain name registry. Their understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS) underpins a sophisticated cyber security capability used by governments to secure their networks. Our commercial success funds an ambitious program to improve the lives of 1 million young people a year through technology.

This is a great addition to the service that we can offer and is one more burden that we can shoulder on behalf of our clients. It means that our clients can focus on their business and not on technical and registration details.

In addition to creating new registrations for UK domain names, IT To Go can take care of clients’ re-registration processes, including any reminders, ensuring that all of those critical services continue to function without interruption, plus we can sort any hosting and social needs.

We use our tailored professional services and management systems to achieve the following as efficiently as possible:

* New and first-time UK domain name registrations.
* UK Domain name renewals as part of a managed service or as a standalone offering.
* Ability and authorisation to fully manage domain name registration and renewals on behalf of 3rd parties.
* Direct access to the Domain Name Change Facility.
* Authorisation to transfer ownership of Domain Names.
* Authorisation and confirmed ability to manage any customer services issues relating to Domain Name registration.

Register your, .uk, or domain with IT To Go and benefit from a premium domain service which meets the strict criteria set out in the Nominet regulations for Accredited Channel Partners.

Nominet is the non-profit organisation responsible for the management of the entire .UK domain namespace.

To view a domain name ownership and to see if it is in use please use the free Nominet Whois Domain Name checker by clicking here.

Also if you wish to check our status please click here to find us on the Nominet list of Accredited Members.

The UK Domain provides useful and trusted small business advice and resources to help business owners and entrepreneurs start, build and grow their enterprises online.

Today, over 3 million UK businesses and millions more consumers use a domain name ending in .UK and rely on our registry services.

The UK Domain Family, including, .uk, and, is managed and operated by Nominet.