Instead of having a local phone number, give your business, school, or charity a more professional look and feel by choosing from a wide range of 0870, 0845 & 0844 numbers, plus a variety of different extensions and features.

A survey reveals that more than 60% of consumers would rather join a company that has a professional low-cost phone number.

Phone Numbers

How do 08xx numbers work?

An 08xx number is “pointed” at your land line. You can ask us to change where the UK 08xx number is pointed and the only fees are a one time set up fee depending on the number. It’s free for the owner of the 08xx number to receive calls. But cost the client/customer depending on there tariff some providers now offer 08xx numbers for FREE.

I am in and out all the time. Can I divert my UK 08xx number?

Your 08xx number will automatically follow any diverts set up on your land line. For example if you routinely divert incoming calls to your mobile when you leave your business then inbound calls to your land line made on your 0845 number will follow the divert to your mobile.

How soon will the number be connected?

We can assign you a UK 08xx phone number immediately over the phone Either way your number is usually connected within 24 hours.

Can you get me a memorable UK 0845 phone number?

Yes. Please ring us for our latest memorable UK 08xx numbers.

How Can We Help With 0844 0845 0870 Phone Numbers?

There are many benefits to a 08xx phone number please see our list below:

  • Choose a Memorable 08xx number!
  • Move office and keep your 08xx number!
  • Only need to receive a minimum of 5 calls a month
  • Never re-print your stationery!
  • Give your business national identity
  • Compete with larger companies
  • Your customers pay for a local call to call you any time
  • IT To Go gives you unlimited free support
  • No minimum contract. Cancel your number anytime!
  • Your number can have Switch Board Services added to the number

Still need help or want to order your 0844 0845 0870 Phone Numbers?

If you have a question or require any more information please feel FREE to contact us by clicking here. or call into our shop and we will be happy to help!