We are a leader in providing Data Recovery services. We have vast experience in recovering and salvaging lost data from disaster stricken hard drives, RAID Arrays, laptops, e-mails, PDA’s, iPods and storage media of every brand, manufacturer, model, and size.

IT To Go’s claims of delivering advance recovery solutions and fulfill it using sophisticated software tools and hardware technologies.

Above all, we have well-experienced data recovery engineers to make the best use of these technologies for your Hard Disk and RAID data recovery.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery

How Can We Help?

Our process of recovering data is straight forward from media submission up to data restoration. When you send your failed media to IT To Go, we assess the extent of the damaged media. We will not initiate the recovery process without your consent. Recovered data will be copied on the media of your choice and will be shipped to you.

We provide data recovery services for hard disk and RAID disk suffering from catastrophic situations like Accidental deletion, formatting, Hardware crash, Corrupted data, Water, moisture or due to some other liquid, Electrical surges/outages static, Electricity, Virus attack, Fire, Heat, Smoke and Equipment malfunctions & vandalism.

If you have lost your mission-critical data then we offer all sorts of recovery including hard disk data recovery and RAID Recovery, e-mail recovery. We excel in recovering data from the hard disk drive and RAID models and all other portable media devices.

Backup your data on a regular basis and do not try to recover you’re lost hard drive data by using recovery utilities, rather you should consult a hard drive data recovery specialist to assist you in this situation. As the less done to the drive the better chance we have of data recovery.

Our services can protect data lost from:

  • Virus attacks
  • Data corruption
  • Power faults
  • Hardware failure
  • Liquid spills
  • Head fails
  • PCB board fails
  • Surges
  • Clicking/Ticking faults
  • Lightning strikes
  • BIOS damage
  • Data recovery
  • Firmware failure

And help with recovery in the following ways:

  • Database recovery
  • iPod’s
  • iPad’s
  • Mail servers
  • Media cards recovery
  • Laptops
  • Word files recovered
  • MP3 Players
  • PDA’s
  • Digital cameras
  • Laptops
  • Excel files recovered
  • Digital camera recovery
  • Outlook
  • Tablet devices
  • Hard drive recovery
  • PC
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Mobile smartphone recovery
  • Outlook express recovery

If your Data Recovery is due to some kind of virus attack or Operating system failure or damage, you don’t need to be panic! Most importantly please stop using the device asap, and get in touch. As the more, the device is used the less likely we are to be able to recover the data.

Still, need help or want to order!

If you have a question or require any more information please feel FREE to contact us by clicking here. or call into our shop and we will be happy to help!