Hosted Packages

The easiest approach to building a mailing list and sending newsletters is to use a hosted service. Most services have a monthly fee, and if you have a large subscriber list then this fee can be quite high. However, if your newsletter is an effective marketing tool then it’s usually worth the expense.

The hosted options give you the ability to track and report on how many messages were sent, how many messages were opened, and how many readers clicked the links in the newsletter. They’ll also handle bounces (undelivered messages) automatically, removing addresses from your mailing list as appropriate. Another common feature is A/B testing, which lets you send out 2 different versions of your newsletter and measure which version gets the best response. All of these features make hosted solutions perfect for email marketing.

Email Marketing

Usually, you can add or import subscribers via a web-based interface, and you can also add a signup form on your site so that your visitors can add themselves.

Our hosted services have another advantage, most of them have agreements with major ISPs and webmail providers to ensure that their email messages aren’t marked as spam. This means that you’ll probably get a higher delivery success rate if you use a hosted solution.

In-house Software Packages

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee to send your newsletter and manage your mailing list or you’d rather have more control over your newsletter, then you can install list management software on your own computer.

There are many great free packages available. But the paid package can offer many more features and is a great way to keep in your customer’s minds without a monthly cost.

How Can We Help With Email Marketing Solutions?

We can provide:

  • Email newsletter software
  • Newsletter templates
  • Software
  • Campaigns
  • Hosted cloud packages
  • Computers to host your own system

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