IT To Go engineers take the hassle away from buying new desktops, tablets or laptops, by helping you select the hardware and software, performing the computer setup and configuration, installing a network and connecting your computers to your network, you don’t need to worry.

Equipment Setup
Equipment Setup

We will take responsibility for the entire IT project and will ensure that your installation is robust, reliable and efficient, saving you time and money and allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business move.

How Can We Help?

Setting up new technology for the first time can be very intimidating. While computers are a lot easier to use overall, those first moments of ownership can be incredibly difficult. IT To Go can make sure that everything is connected properly and that the computer is working correctly.

We can install your new computer in your home or office anywhere in the Yorkshire area. Our advice is to call us before your computer is ordered or arrives so that we can discuss the things you’ll need. If you have bought a computer from us we will discuss if you need us to help with setup when you purchase the equipment.

We can help set up in the following ways:

  • Purchase the IT equipment and software Install and setup the computer network
  • Safely move and reinstall servers
  • Setup and configure the desktop computers, tablets or laptops
  • Connect the computers to your company network and the internet
  • Install licensed software including Microsoft products and security software
  • Demonstrate how to use the system
  • Offer on-going support (remote or onsite)
  • Replace any old cables for new

Still, need help or want to order!

If you have a question or require any more information please feel FREE to contact us by clicking here. or call into our shop and we will be happy to help!