The type of computer you may be familiar with is a laptop/netbook computer. Laptops are battery or AC-powered computers that are more portable than desktop computers, allowing you to use them almost anywhere, some even come in the form of a detachable tablet.

Laptop & Netbook Sales
Laptop & Netbook Sales

Because a laptop is smaller than a desktop, it’s more difficult to access its internal components. This means you may not be able to upgrade them as easily as a desktop. However, it’s usually possible to add more RAM or a larger hard drive, so give us a call for more information.

How Can We Help?

We can provide new and second-hand devices in the following ranges:

New laptops
Second-hand laptops
Touch screen
Convertible laptops
Reconditioned laptops

Don’t forget we also offer a Technology trade-in service to get an exchange, trade-in or cash off your new device! for more information please click here.

We can also help with :
Computer Repairs
Laptop Repairs
Tablet Repairs
Phone Repairs
Custom PC Repairs
Gaming PC Repairs

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