We offer a wide selection of mobile digital video recorders for vehicle security mobile DVR systems. Our mobile DVRs are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use in a range of vehicles, on the road and off it.

Our vehicle DVR selection comes with advanced features like built-in GPS and anti-shock housings for in-car use, H.264 compression to save storage space, and various options to easily offload your video evidence.

Vehicle Dash Camera
Vehicle Dash Camera

How Can We Help?

We can supply a large range of Dash Cameras for the following Vehicles:

Emergency vehicles
School buses
Private vehicles

Why Use A Vehicle DVR?

Multiple cameras recording simultaneously
Audio & image capture
Live remote viewing
DVR security includes lockable rear cover
Watermarked recordings with vehicle id, date & time
Variable options for camera quantity and positioning.
Tailored solutions for special vehicles

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