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Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa

See our Ultimate Guide of top things to ask your Alexa today! Listed updated Monthly:

Last Updated: 13/11/20

New Things to try.

“Alexa, open The 100K Drop”
Play the TV game show on Alexa!
“Alexa, do your ears hang low?”
“Alexa, make an announcement” “Alexa, make a sticky note”
Use sticky notes on your devices with a screen to make sure everyone gets the memo.
“Alexa, do not disturb”
Enable Do Not Disturb mode when you do not wish to receive any Alexa calls or messages. Learn more.
“Alexa, what’s on my calendar tomorrow?”
Link your calendar and ask Alexa to add new events or check upcoming appointments. Learn more.
“Alexa, block explicit lyrics”
With Amazon Music, you can block songs with explicit lyrics.
“Alexa, what new features do you have?”
“Alexa, notify me when there are severe weather alerts”
“Alexa, what can I make with spinach?”
“Alexa, read a sci-fi story”
“Alexa, play a slideshow”
Relive your favorite memories. Use Amazon Photos to see your photos on your Echo Show and Fire TV.
“Alexa, drop in on kitchen”
Drop In allows you to connect instantly with the Echo devices on your account. For example, when watching a film in the living room, you can drop in from your Echo device or Alexa app to your kitchen Echo to ask for popcorn.
“Alexa, show me the baby’s room”
Check on your loved ones while cooking or watching TV. For example, ask Alexa to show the baby’s room.
“Alexa, turn on Alexa subtitles”
Alexa Subtitles let you see subtitles for Alexa’s responses on supported devices with screens. Learn more.
“Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”

Things to try.

“Alexa, I love you”
“Alexa, how do you say ‘bird’ in Spanish?”
“Alexa, give me a limerick”
“Alexa, what can I make with spinach?”
“Alexa, what is your favourite band?”
“Alexa, play ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’”
“Alexa, open Kids Court”
“Alexa, call Mary”
“Alexa, do not disturb”
Enable Do Not Disturb mode when you do not wish to receive any Alexa calls or messages.
“Alexa, how long’s left on my timer?”
“Alexa, is it sunny in Brighton?”
“Alexa, show my Facebook photos”
You can now personalise your wallpaper on Echo Show with photos of friends and family from Facebook. To link your account, open the Alexa app, go to the menu and select ‘Settings’, ‘Photos’ and then log in to your Facebook account.
“Alexa, what’s in the news?”
“Alexa, read my audiobook”
“Alexa, good morning”
“Alexa, how do you say ‘summer’ in Spanish?”
“Alexa, drop in on kitchen”
“Alexa, give me an easy dinner recipe”  
“Alexa, have you been to Yorkshire?”
“Alexa, play Guess My Name”
“Alexa, what can I say?”
“Alexa, sing ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’”
“Alexa, Simon says ‘stop copying me’”
“Alexa, what are my skills?”
“Alexa, what’s your favourite drink?”
“Alexa, pair my phone”
“Alexa, give me a book recommendation”
“Alexa, give me a vegetarian recipe”
“Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”
“Alexa, how far away is Paris?”
“Alexa, set a weekday alarm”
“Alexa, what’s the weekend forecast for Manchester?”
“Alexa, good morning”
“Alexa, what fruits are in season?”
“Alexa, play Lewis Capaldi”
“Alexa, set an alarm to country music”
“Alexa, what wine goes well with salmon?”
“Alexa, Simon says ‘stop copying me’”
“Alexa, tell me something funny”
“Alexa, read my Kindle book”
“Alexa, connect to speaker”
“Alexa, where’s the nearest bank?”
“Alexa, give me a chocolate brownie recipe”
“Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”
“Alexa, play Nature Sounds”
“Alexa, what’s the temperature outside?”
“Alexa, tell me a Star Trek joke”
“Alexa, is it sunny in Brighton?”
“Alexa, how high can you count?”
“Alexa, read me a free audiobook”
“Alexa, how’s my commute?”
“Alexa, what should I wear?”
“Alexa, cancel my alarms”
“Alexa, what’s the weather in Barcelona?”
“Alexa, open Babbling Brook”
“Alexa, play classical for yoga”
“ Alexa, what are my reminders?”
“ Alexa, help me relax”
“Alexa, give me an Asian recipe”
“Alexa, give me a limerick”
“Alexa, can you play music on all my devices?”
“Alexa, sing Alexa’s theme song”
“Alexa, add an event at 6 p.m.”
“Alexa, how many syllables are in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?”
“Alexa, what sound does a hamster make?”
“Alexa, what does an engineer look like?”
“Alexa, help me sleep.”
“Alexa, remember, remember the 5ᵗʰ of November.”
“Alexa, play Planet Rock.”
“Alexa, sing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’.”
“Alexa, give me a fact about Bonfire Night.”
“Alexa, play the Chilled Pop for the Home playlist from Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, learn my voice.”
“Alexa, open The Magic Door.”
“Alexa, rap about cake.”
“Alexa, what’s the best way to watch the fireworks?”
“Alexa, tell me a doctor, doctor joke.”
“Alexa, open Trivia Hero.”
“Alexa, get the lift.”
“Alexa, how hot is a bonfire?”
“Alexa, turn on the coffee machine.”
“Alexa, quiz me on film plots.”
“Alexa, what’s the most popular kid’s Halloween costume?”
“Alexa, play Gold Radio.”
“Alexa, play the Relaxing Classical playlist on Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, when will the clocks change?”
“Alexa, sing a happy song.”
“Alexa, help me entertain my kids.”
“Alexa, do you like Marmite?”
“Alexa, what do you know about Halloween?”
“Alexa, play Pop Quiz.”
“Alexa, how do I make slime?”
“Alexa, do you know how to spell my name?”
“Alexa, how many syllables are in sesquipedalian?”
“Alexa, tell me a joke about coffee.”
“Alexa, play Heart Radio.”
“Alexa, what’s the extended weather forecast for London?”
“Alexa, tell me a tongue-twister.”
“Alexa, play the Songs of Summer playlist from Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, what fun things have you learnt?”
“Alexa, suggest something to visit while in Wales.”
“Alexa, open Pointless.”
Play this fun but puzzling version of the Pointless Quiz Show for Alexa. This skill allows in-skill purchases.
“Alexa, what helps a sunburn?”
“Alexa, what are you thinking about?”
“Alexa, open Beach Sounds.”
“Alexa, how do you solve a problem like Maria?”
“Alexa, suggest a board game we can play.”
“Alexa, give me a lifehack.”
“Alexa, what’s the longest place name in Europe?”
“Alexa, call Mum’s mobile.”
“Alexa, what can I do for a good night’s sleep?”
“Alexa, can you speak in Morse code?”
“Alexa, play Capital.”
“Alexa, give me a rhyming couplet.”
“Alexa, what happened on Love Island last night?”
Get all the latest with the official Love Island podcast ‘Love Island: The Morning After’ on Global Player.
“Alexa, how can I train a goldfish?”
“Alexa, recite the alphabet backwards.”
“Alexa, open True or False?
“Alexa, when did Albert Einstein die?”
“Alexa, play A Star is Born Soundtrack on Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, do you know how to spell my name?”
“Alexa, open Calm My Dog.”
“Alexa, what’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth?” “Alexa, pretend to be a superhero.”
“Alexa, give me some Love Island lingo.”
“Alexa, what should I NOT do for Father’s Day?”
“Alexa, tell me about the film Men in Black: International.”
“Alexa, open Virtual Vacation.”
“Alexa, remind me to buy a gift for dad.”
“Alexa, tell me something about a weird animal.”
“Alexa, what are smart home groups?”
“Alexa, tell me a Pride fact.”
“Alexa, play Pop Quiz.”
“Alexa, are you ready to rock?”
“Alexa, give me a tip for festival-goers.”
“Alexa, help my kids sleep.”
“Alexa, arm my home.”
You can now arm, disarm and query your Yale smart security system by voice using an Alexa skill. You will need to set up a PIN to disarm the system.
“Alexa, what do you think of how Game of Thrones ended?”
“Alexa, play the song that goes, ‘I am the giant’ from Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, how does sunscreen work?”
“Alexa, read We Are Legion (We Are Bob).”
Discover Dennis E. Taylor’s sci-fi novel, free to listen to until 31 May.
“Alexa, can you sing in auto-tune?”
“Alexa, what’s there to do in Wales?”
“Alexa, why is Earth called Earth?”
“Alexa, open Sixties Feel the Pressure.”
How much do you know about ’60s music? Find out by answering questions on ’60s bands and singers.
“Alexa, open Cheesecake Recipes.”
“Alexa, can you give me a rhetorical question?”
“Alexa, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”
“Alexa, turn on the TV.”
Use smart home skills to control your compatible Smart TV with a simple voice command.
“Alexa, what’s Echo Show 5?”
“Alexa, give me a tip for supporting wildlife in the garden.”
“Alexa, play LBC.”
“Alexa, play the Jonas Brothers’ new album from Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, open White Noise.”
“Alexa, can you do 100 press-ups?”
“Alexa, open Screen Test.”
Do you talk in film quotes? Put your film quote knowledge to the test.
“Alexa, read Aladdin and Other Stories.”
Three classic fairy tales: Aladdin, The Elves and the Shoemaker, and Thumbelina, narrated by Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan. Free to listen to on Alexa until 31 May.
“Alexa, suggest a craft project.”
“Alexa, play Planet Rock.”
“Alexa, who should sit on the Iron Throne?”
“Alexa, what’s the fastest animal?”
“Alexa, good morning gorgeous.”
“Alexa, what fruits are in season currently?”
“Alexa, how are you?”
“Alexa, why are guinea pigs called guinea pigs?”
“Alexa, are you a Eurovision fan?”
“Alexa, open Tenable.”
Join Warwick Davis and Alexa in this fast-paced version of the Tenable TV Quiz Show.
Alexa, is the Post Office open today?”
“Alexa, tell me about a real-life superhero.”
“Alexa, do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?”
“Alexa, open Burglar Deterrent.”
Use realistic sounds to deter potential intruders while you are out.
“Alexa, what fun things have you learnt?”
“Alexa, play Magic Radio.”
“Alexa, describe your perfect date.”
“Alexa, play the new Taylor Swift on Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, how many Marvel films have there been?”
“Alexa, open The Magic Door.”
“Alexa, sing English Country Garden”.
“Alexa, do you like Game of Thrones?”
“Alexa, what’s free from Audible?”
“Alexa, open Relaxing Jazz.”
“Alexa, Manchester United just scored a goal.”
“Alexa, give me a fact about Scotland.”
“Alexa, have you got hiccups?”
“Alexa, open Superhero Movie Quiz.”
“Alexa, what happens if you step on LEGO?”
“Alexa, what was the budget for Into the Spiderverse?”
“Alexa, do not disturb.”
Enable ‘do not disturb’ mode when you do not wish to receive any Alexa calls or messages. To disable it just say, “Alexa, turn off ‘do not disturb’”.
“Alexa, give me tips on planning an Easter egg hunt.”
“Alexa, have you seen the Easter bunny?” “Alexa, let’s play a game.” “Alexa, play the Prime Drive Time playlist from Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, play the Unlimited Drive Time playlist from Amazon Music”.
“Alexa, block explicit lyrics”
“Alexa, what should I do if I ever meet the Queen?”
“Alexa, play Jazz FM.”
“Alexa, what can I do for Earth Day?”
“Alexa, open Ditty.”
“Alexa, give me a Shakespeare limerick.”
“Alexa, when is sunset?”
“Alexa, Happy Easter.”
“Alexa, read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from Audible.”
Get swept away into the magical land of Oz and rediscover this timeless story. There’s no place like… the sofa. Curl up with this classic tale, narrated by Anne Hathaway — completely free to listen to until 30 April.
“Alexa, Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”
“Alexa, open Chineasy.”
“Alexa, give me a cleaning tip.”
“Alexa, open Freeze Dance.”
Show off your best moves when music plays, and freeze when the beat stops! Kid Skills are off by default. To turn them on, go into your Alexa app > Settings > Alexa Account > Kid Skills.
“Alexa, do your ears hang low?”
“Alexa, play Kiss FM.”
“Alexa, give me a random oxymoron.”
“Alexa, turn the light blue.”
Control the colour or shades of white of your smart lights.
“Alexa, winter is here.”
“Alexa, open Beautiful Dream.”
“Alexa, play talkSPORT.”
“Alexa, give me a scary fact.”
“Alexa, open Let’s Get Ready.”
Create personalised makeup, hair and nail looks for any event, or check out the latest beauty trends.
“Alexa, are you a geek?”
“Alexa, tell me facts about the Roman Empire.”
“Alexa, where’s my stuff?”
Get an update on when your Amazon package is due to arrive—even if you didn’t order with Alexa.
“Alexa, give me a fancy word.”
“Alexa, what came first, the chicken or the egg?”
“Alexa, open Garbage Hero.”
“Alexa, read me a free audiobook.”
Discover this month’s selection of audiobooks, handpicked by Audible, free to stream on Alexa until 31 March.
“Alexa, play LBC.”
“Alexa, give me a magic potion.”
“Alexa, play the 50 Great Female Voices playlist from Amazon Music.
“Alexa, how long does it take to boil a kettle?”
“Alexa, learn my voice.”
Create a voice profile using compatible Alexa-enabled devices so that Alexa can call you by name and improve personalisation of supported Alexa features based on your voice. To get started, go to your Alexa app and select from the menu Settings > Alexa Account > Recognised Voices > Your Voice. Find out more.
“Alexa, give me a blooper.”
“Alexa, what are the lights we see when we close our eyes?”
“Alexa, what’s the theme of International Women’s Day?”
“Alexa, give me a fact about volcanoes.”
“Alexa, open Little Mix.”
Go behind the scenes with Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Perrie for the release of their latest album ‘LM5’.
“Alexa, what are the film times for Captain Marvel?”
“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right.”
“Alexa, what’s the extended weather forecast for Brighton?”
“Alexa, how can I get better at Fortnite?”
“Alexa, start Little Policewoman Test.”
“Alexa, beatbox for me.”
“Alexa, play Absolute Radio.”
“Alexa, how many queens are there in the world?”
“Alexa, play music videos by Britney Spears.”
“Alexa, how can I create my own Alexa answers?”
Create your own customised Alexa responses. Have fun customising answers to questions like.
“Alexa, open Trivia Hero.”
“Alexa, tell me a sports joke.”
“Alexa, play the new album by Olly Murs from Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, open Riddle of the Day.”
“Alexa, who is the best?”
“Alexa, play my messages.”
“Alexa, who is going to win Strictly this year?”
“Alexa, open Babbling Brook.”
“Alexa, what were the capitals of Ancient Egypt?”
“Alexa, tell everyone dinner is ready.”
“Alexa, who is the best James Bond?”
“Alexa, tell me what you want, what you really really want.”
“Alexa, what are smart home Routines?”
To create a Routine, go to your Alexa app, select Routines from the menu, and Create Routine. You can then choose the series of actions you want to automate and when they should occur.“Alexa, play Classic FM.”
“Alexa, suggest some good baby names.”
“Alexa, give it up for science.”
“Alexa, play the 50 Great Irish Artists playlist from Amazon Music.”
One track contains explicit lyrics. Prefer not to hear them? Just say, “Alexa, block explicit lyrics”. Learn more.
“Alexa set the bass to the maximum.”
Adjust the bass, mid-range and treble of your compatible Echo devices from the Alexa app: tap the Devices icon in the bottom right corner, select your Echo device and then choose Sounds > Equaliser.
“Alexa, give me a fact about St. Patrick’s Day.”
“Alexa, open Quick Maths.”
“Alexa, give me a weird headline.”
“Alexa, open Deal or No Deal.”
Pick your lucky briefcase and feel what it’s like to be a contestant on the TV show, Deal or No Deal!
“Alexa, sing the alphabet.”
“Alexa, tell me a joke for St. Patrick’s Day.”
“Alexa, what’s on TV tonight?”
TVguide will help you discover brand new shows on both TV and on-demand platforms.
“Alexa, give me a tongue twister.”
“Alexa, what’s your favorite drink?”
“Alexa, open Disney Hits Challenge.”
Test your knowledge of the titles, characters, and lyrics from Disney’s most popular songs.
“Alexa, what’s a good film to watch?”
“Alexa, will you marry me?”
“Alexa, turn on the TV.”
Use smart home skills to control your compatible Smart TV with a simple voice command.
“Alexa, what’s the question of the day?”
“Alexa, play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”
“Alexa, what’s the traffic like?”
To get traffic information, add your starting point and destination in the Traffic section of your Alexa App settings.
“Alexa, sing a silly song.”
“Alexa, when is Mother’s Day?”
“Alexa, when do the clocks go forward?”
“Alexa, how is my commute?”

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