Why has the game Fortnite gone down?

Fortnite Black Hole
Fortnite Black Hole

Players gathered around the consoles this weekend to watch what had been billed as the game’s end of season 10 ‘event’ – traditionally a grand set piece part of the game which sees the island upon which it is set transformed, for the new season.

But this evening, after fans saw a rocket launch from the island in the game, a series of explosions followed, ending with the whole virtual world appearing to be sucked into a computerised black hole.

The image of a black hole remained on the screens, leaving players bemused as to what was going to happen to the game, which they have not been able to access since the 7 pm ‘event’.

Those trying to log on now are still confronted with just the image of the black hole.

Online reports this morning had suggested Epic planned ‘severe destruction’ to the island on which the online game is played, with major changes to the game. They also predicted that there would be ‘downtime’, while new elements were added to the game.

It is said to be based on a recent leak, which showed artwork from an unknown location, with the caption ‘Chapter 2’

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